About The Johnson J-Station Graveyard

Due to The Johnson-amp.com website closing down and Johnson amp products no longer being sold or supported,

the mere lack of information on the J-Station is not only sad, but frustrating. This is why I created this website, 

I wanted to provide a portal to people who own or want to own the Johnson J-Station effects processor. 

Here you will find photos and manuals for the J-Station, including and "patches" which are small configuration

files that give your J-Station the ability to have  new sound models. 

Many of the files I have were user created, while some were created by Johnson.

In total there are over 470 patch files in my collection. 


Soon, I will provide some Youtube videos on how to operate and edit the J-Station using the J-edit software. 

Artists that have used the Johnson J-Station

Adrian Smith of Iron Maiden (he used one for practicing and loved it)

Ron Jarzombek of various bands such as: Watchtower, Spastic Ink and Blotted Science featuring Alex Webster of Cannibal Corpse, 

Many others I am sure! (If you use a J-Station let us know and we'll post your name here!)